Friday State of the Blog(ger)!

Yeah, this is a good way to escape talking about inerrancy for awhile. :P

So I had every plan to finish out Inspiration and Incarnation yesterday…but I got distracted by pancakes, beer, and naps. It happens, what can I say? Anyway, there will be more reading eventually, but with Easter coming up, I think I’m going to take Monday off blogging. I’m not going to have the time to read anything for the next three days with work, church stuff, and spending time with family, so crafting a thorough, mind-blowing post on Peter Enns just isn’t in the cards. Sorry folks!

Know this, however: I’m playing with the idea of another blog reformat. I love reading. I want you people to read more. However, I think that’s not the reason why I’m reading the books on this awful list. I think there’s a deeper reason, and that’s going to contribute to a new frame of mind for the reading I do. I will still review books. I will still bring up tough subjects and wrestle with them. I will still shamelessly post on current events to get hits (same-sex marriage FTW!). It just might be in a different frame of mind. Stay tuned!

Have a wonderful weekend, and happy Easter! He is risen!


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