Monday State of the Blog(ger)

I’m alive, I swear!

It’s been three weeks now since we packed all our stuff into different cars (and all our furniture onto my dad’s truck; see below), but we are finally in Middletown and fully unpacked!

Along those lines, I’m loving my new home in Middletown, PA. It makes me feel like I’m back in Newport again, but with more stuff to do and without a 45-minute commute to my job. I get to walk to everything and enjoy small town life again, something I didn’t realize I missed so much.

Since moving, I’ve gotten back on the bandwagon with reading once again, though it is time for a confession: I, once again, have had to shelve a book, this one being The Weakness of God: A Theology of the Event by John Caputo.   I’ll explain in fuller detail in another post, but I found myself pretty disillusioned with what Caputo had to offer after having finished part one of the book.  He started off magnificently, then kind of…fizzled, I guess.  More on that later.

What I’ve been reading in his place, however, has rekindled a great desire in me to read.  For whatever reason, I went to my shelves on the second day we were in our new apartment and pulled Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas off the shelves for the third time. Doing so really amped me up to keep pressing into my reading, something difficult to do with all the OT I’ve been working, as I mentioned in my last post. I blazed through Fear and Loathing in a matter of a few days, and returned to my shelves to pull a book I snagged on credit from a used bookstore I frequent, this one being The Motorcycle Diaries by Che Guevara. So far, it’s excellent.

Now, as for theology, I’ve decided to finally tackle NT Wright’s Christian Origins and the Question of God series, starting with The New Testament and the People of God. The fourth installment in the series comes out in November (it’s on the apostle Paul!!!), so I’m hoping to read the first three by then. My venture into radical theology has also sort of pushed me back toward biblical studies where I’m more at home, so this should be a less difficult journey for me over more familiar ground.

Other than all of that, things are good on my end. I did find out that I managed to get Lyme disease last month, but I’m coping pretty well with it. I’m also working a lot of hours these days, so whatt time off I do have is often dedicated to getting things done around the house or time with the wife and friends. All the same, I’m hoping to jump back up on the bandwagon again with blogging as things start to quiet down.

All that being said, have a blessed day!  Enjoy this picture of my dad’s awesome truck-packing skills!



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