Wednesday Existential Conundrum of the Blog(ger)

sisyphusI feel the need to just put something here. Not sure why. It’s not out of obligation (I don’t think), but…I don’t update as frequently as I once did.

Oh, forget mourning that already. I am where I am. I update when I update. None of you droogs complain. I can hardly provoke comments out of you.

It’s a weird thing, writing book reviews. I’m writing my thoughts on the thoughts of other people, who are, in turn, writing their thoughts on the thoughts of people before them. If you think about it, that’s all that nonfiction writing is: your thoughts on other people’s thoughts, and that’s what I do here. I’m sure if I understood the concepts behind Baudrillard’s Simulacra and Simulation better (which would require me to read it), there’s something in this thinking about hyperreality, but that’s quite beyond me at this time to speculate on. In this case, everything isn’t a copy of a copy of a copy, but it is effectively standing on a rickety platform on top of what I would hope is a more solid foundation beneath my feet.  It’s turtles all the way down, as it was once said.

I’m not a professional critic, by any means. I’m not even really a critic, unless all that a critic does is tell you why he/she thought a book was super great or terrible drivel and why it was good for him/her and why it would be good for you. Of course, I haven’t much of a measuring stick to hold myself to, other than snooty establishments such as the New Yorker or Publisher’s Weekly, and I don’t really see myself doing the things that those critics do.

Of course, if I knew what the hell I was doing with this blog, I wouldn’t be writing about my existential conundrums.

To be honest, reader, I don’t know where this is coming from. Sometimes I feel like Sisyphus when I read and put up book reviews.  This blog is my boulder, and it rolls down the hill before i reach the top every damn time. However, I’m still a-rollin’ away. I gripe about wanting to do this for work; that’s the funny thing.  I want to roll this stupid boulder up the hill every day, then watch it roll back down the hill, and start all over again, and I want to do it all the time.  Go figure.


In other news…well, there isn’t any other news.  At least not at the moment.  More book reviews schlocking your way in the upcoming days!


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