Monday State of the Blog(ger)

I’m doin’ pretty great. All my Speakeasy reviews are done! Just have to finish a book borrowed from a friend, then I can get myself back into my reading list for the year. Got a few projects I want to do…

  • Historical Jesus Study. Pulled a few books off the shelf that pertain to this, ranging from as early as Albert Schweitzer’s The Quest For the Historical Jesus to texts as recent as Bart Ehrman’s Did Jesus Exist? What I have read involving Historical Jesus studies has really changed how I think about Jesus and His teachings, not to mention history is always good fun.
  • Radical Theology study. I’m fascinated by the way these guys have adapted their thinking in light of existential and postmodern philosophy, and I want to know more, even though I’m still down with a metaphysical God.
  • Lord of the Rings trilogy. Already started in on this one and I’m loving it.

Beyond that, I’m going to read whatever the hell I can find that looks good. There’s more than a few books I’ve had my eye on for awhile, and my Lenten fast of not spending money may fund some new book purchases.

Because, you know, who DOESN’T need new books?

Outside of the book world, in case you droogs are interested…I’m doing pretty awesome. I’m working hard to promote myself as a writer a little better, gave the blog a facelift and a new name (hope you like it!), and pushing myself more at my full time job. I needed a win, and I gave myself one. Honestly, this is the happiest I’ve felt in some time, and it feels great.


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