Building a Theodicy for Nickelback’s Music

I think I’ve only ever reblogged something once, but given my utter hatred for Nickelback, this is definitely worth it. Also might help anyone trying to make sense of theodicy! :)

Austin's Blog

dfvdv “Is God willing to stop Nickelback, but unable? He’s impotent. Is he able, but unwilling? Then he’s awful.” Jayson Bradley

While the problem of Nickelback’s music is a thorny one for the theist, the believing individual is not without an answer. Here is how a Christian could respond to the problem of Nickelback’s music.

God’s Inability Argument-Some people have denied that God is all powerful, all controlling or all knowing so he cannot be held responsible for Nickelback’s music. “It is too difficult even for God to keep Nickelback from claiming their innocent victims.” Rabbi Harold Kushner, When Bad Music Happens to Good Ears

Denial of Evil Argument-Some people who believe in God argue that Nickelback doesn’t really exist. It is an imagination of the mind. Mary Baker Eddy the founder of the cult Christian Science, wrote, “Nickelback and whatever seems real to material sense, is unreal.” Nickelback’s…

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