Friday State of the Blog(ger)

Working 60 hours a week really sucks, for the record…the money’s nice, but it taxes my sanity (and my reading time).  Such is the nature of healthcare, unfortunately; people don’t stop getting sick so I can read.

The Magic Murder Bag

**No New Stuff**

**Still Going**

  • A Scandalous Providence by E. Frank Tupper
  • Too Good To Be True: Radical Christian Preaching, Year A by Christopher Rodkey )
  • Patience & Fortitude: A Roving Chronicle of Book People, Book Places, and Book Culture by Nicholas Basbanes 
  • Blood Doctrine by Christian Piatt
  • Theology From Exile Volume II: The Year of Matthew by Sea Raven

Thoughts on Present Discontents

I’m well enough, I suppose.  Exhausted, to say the least, from covering a very understaffed department at the hospital.  There’s nothing to be done about the matter, really; it’s simply the nature of the beast.  I will state, though, that I have not read much of anything in my Magic Murder Bag due to the copious amount of time I spend in the office.  As you can imagine, I come home with a fried brain after working for twelve hours, but I do have to admit that, given the great men and women authors who write in the midst and afters of their lives, what excuse do I really have?

The other thing that I’ve been noticing rather frequently lately is the amount of my friends who are graduating seminary with MATS degrees, and the amount of deep, deep envy I feel for their accomplishments.  I could not be more proud of them, make no mistake, but I must admit to feeling quiet jealous that they’ve made such an achievement that I have longed to at least begin for a long time.  Alas! Circumstances prevent me from pursing an MATS (or any kind of career, for that matter), but it doesn’t change my desire to do greater things, whatever they may be.  I know that, in due time, all will come together, and there are matters that require me to get off my ass and figure out some course of direction, but my longing for graduate school in some form remains…

All the same, droogs, that’s what’s going on in my life.  Perhaps it is time I quit complaining and actually tried harder to make more of this little blog.  I like reviewing these books, but I had wanted so much more out of this, and if that’s going to happen, I need to dedicate thought and time to it.

Until I get around to that, have an awesome weekend!


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