Four Years Later

WordPress tells me it’s been four years since I started here. As I sit here, sipping an IPA and watching Arrow, I realize that it’s been an interesting four years…

  1. This blog has gone from personal reflection to a nonviolence focus to book challenges back to personal reflection
  2. I freakin’ got married.
  3. My best man freakin’ got married, and I reflected on it more than my own wedding.
  4. I got sick of nonviolence and took on a book challenge (which I did pretty well at).
  5. I started ANOTHER book challenge (which I abandoned).
  6. I wandered this year pretty aimlessly while “rebooting” my purpose and completely ignoring whatever reading projects I set up (sorry, Bonhoeffer).
  7. I paid off all my student loans.
  8. I decided to not go to seminary.
  9. I decided to pursue a degree in library sciences.
  10. I last posted about three weeks ago, and the one before that was just me feeling angry.

It might come as no surprise that I’ve had some difficulty dealing with life in general as of late.  This blog is very much a projection of myself (I mean, it does all revolve around MY life and MY opinions on things), and as of late, I haven’t felt much like talking about anything, let alone theology.  I’m not quite sure where my head is, but it doesn’t seem to be much of anywhere.  I’m still reading, make no mistake; I’m reading even more now than I was before.

But no theology.

Droogs, theology is easily my second love behind my wife, but sometimes I get a little bored with her.  There are many, many interesting things in the world speaking truth to life (the root of what theology is, in my mind), and I like listening to those voices.  As of late, though, I’ve had no desire to write about those voices.  Besides, as the last four years have shown, I usually wind up abandoning this blog at this time of year anyway.  It’s always for different reasons, but this year, it’s been to get things off my plate.  I took on far too many things in the last six weeks, and the blog is just one of those things that I would rather put on hold than some of the other commitments I’ve made in an effort to maintain my sanity.

Now, if I can alter some of the things that inspire my insanity, then we’ll be onto something. :)



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