Review: The Footloose American by Brian Kevin

Footloose-American-cover-medI really enjoy reading travel books from time to time.  I don’t get out of Harrisburg much, so living vicariously through someone else’s adventures in another country (or even within the US) is a nice way to forget where I’m at.  That’s what books are, right?

That being said, if this book had been marketed to me in this way, I think I would have skipped over it.

The Footloose American is one man’s journey through South America following in the footsteps of Hunter Thompson, who took a similar journey before he started to make it big as a journalist (pre-Rum Diary days even). Kevin takes us across the continent, giving excellent details on culture, history, and people as he crosses through Colombia and other countries, all the while speaking from time to time, about his inspiration, Thompson.

If there’s one criticism of this book that I’d offer, it’s that it’s not very much about Hunter Thompson and more about Brian Kevin (and, of course, South America).  I can see why there’d be some difficulty here, given that Kevin’s lesser known as an author (though his writings are pretty damn good, in my opinion), so having Thompson on the cover certainly will help draw more readership,  Let’s be clear, though: Kevin’s admiration of Thompson shines through, not as if he idolizes the famous journalist, but as if he wishes to make himself better as a result of reading his writings, and that is itself admirable.

So really, there’s not much to criticize. Check it out; it’s an excellent read.


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