2015 Rules For Reading and Blogging

I’m not going to do a reading challenge or a selected TBR list. Why not? Because, typically, those haven’t worked out so well for me. They’re too high of a goal, apparently, because I always find myself distracted from the list in question by something else on my shelf that looks interesting. Therefore, why bother?

Instead, I intend to set up a few rules for my reading this year, rooted in personal goals of my own.

1. Read more diversely (I’ll explain why in another post). The way I plan on going about this is by a 3:1 ratio. Read a book by a white guy? Read three books by people who are either not white or not guys (or both!). White guys have ruled writing for millenia; time to make some room for everyone else.

2. Read more of my own books. Three years ago I forbade myself from buying books for one straight year, and though I’m not imposing that rule this year, I’m going to try to avoid it as much as possible and save the cash for trips I have coming up this year. Again, going to use the 3:1 rule. Buy/borrow a book? Read three of my own.*

*This might conflict with rule #1, given that I only have 30-ish books by people who aren’t white dudes. I’ll probably run through my non-white guy stuff, then just start borrowing from the library.

3. Blog twice a week. I’m thinking Tuesdays and Fridays.

4. No reviews, just thoughts. This is supposed to be about theology found in everything, so let’s work toward that.

So that’s what we’re looking at for this year. Nothing too simple; nothing too complex.  I think I can set these as goals and produce some meaningful material.  Let’s have some fun!

*UPDATE* If you are looking for a reading plan/challenge of your own, the folks over at Book Riot have a great one this year.  I will most likely draw from this for my own reading throughout the year.


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