Wednesday State of the Blog(ger)


…is being retired. Why do you care what I’m reading?

Look, this is supposed to be a theology blog. Will I tell you where my thoughts are coming from? Of course, because I like to cite my sources (if I have an original thought, you’ll know it). What I don’t want to do is brag to you that I’m juggling five different books every day. What good is that? Fugghedaboutit!

Anyway, I’m still here. I haven’t made much time for this, mostly because, well, I haven’t wanted to. It’s hard to force this, because I need to take the time to formulate my thoughts, reflect on what I’m reading, then try to convey to you what I’m thinking. I’ve been lazy as of late, so I haven’t wanted to put the effort in.

Now I do, even if it’s just for me. Don’t ask why; I don’t feel like putting it all out there for you.

That being said, what HAVE I been reading? Well, I’ve unfortunately not stuck to my original plan to stick with reading not-white dudes (but I did get a good bit of that in), because I’ve been deep in a radical theology binge because this coming weekend is The End of Religion? Conference at Villanova University featuring the likes of John Caputo, Merold Westphal, Aaron Simmonds, and Jeffrey Robbins, and I AM STOKED!! It’s the first time in three years I’ve gotten the opportunity to attend a conference of any theological caliber whatsoever without my wife having a relative die and me having to cancel (though it is two days away…anything could happen). I’ve been drinking in a lot of Caputo, but also a little Robbins and some Westphal in preparation (so I can say, “Hey! Your book was really great and I think you’re really great!), and I’ve really been digging what I’m hearing!

Blog posts reflecting on my radical theology binge forthcoming; afterwards, I’m hoping to dig back in with not reading white dudes (though Catharine Malabou is a name I keep seeing thrown about in the radical theology world that I’d like to check out). Until then, know that I’m here. :D


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