A Pause in the Conversation

It’s always sad to acknowledge when you’ve moved on from something, or that you’ve outgrown it. It nags at you until you do, though, asking you why you don’t dedicate more time or interest, and you owe to that thing to be honest about where you are and formally let it go.

That being said, I’m letting go of this blog.

It’s been good to me for the last five years, but I’ve gotten pretty bored with writing book reviews and not having the time to really engage the texts I’m getting. Therefore, this site will be left dormant for an indefinite period of time. Who knows? Maybe one day I’ll come back to this place and take it up again when I have the time and ideas to hash out.

This doesn’t mean I’m done reading or blogging though. If you want to follow what I’m reading, I’m on Goodreads, so find me there and friend me if you like. As for blogging, I have an idea for one that won’t take up much time and that kind of excites me, so if that gets off the ground, I’ll post a link here.

Until next time, droogs.


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