Why Hello There, Friends…


I’m baaaaaaack. At least for a little bit. I’ve been working on a podcast with my awesome friend, Jared.  Maybe you’ve heard of it; it’s called Life of Philosophy and it’s a pretty great, more NSFW side of me that you might only get out of me at the bar. That’s what gets the bulk of my blogosphere/internet publishing focus these days (and updating my Goodreads account sometimes), but as of late, some stuff has been tumbling around in my head that’s not really suited to Jared and I’s spirited quoting of Nietzsche and discussion of obscure movies. Therefore, I’m going to treat this as a sort of side project from time to time, tossing around stuff that’s more religious in nature than what I do at LoP, hopefully sooner rather than later. Be on the lookout for some new content!



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