About This Blog

I started studying theology in college.  This was my first mistake.

After four years of Bible college, I basically never stopped studying.  I get my hands on whatever theology books I can find and devour them, listening to how people think about God, about Jesus, about humanity, whatever.  If I can learn something about God from it, I’ll read it.

After awhile, I discovered that I don’t only need to read theology to learn about God.  There’s philosophy, fiction, sociology, science, English literature, poetry, biographies, history, politics, everything.

That’s why this blog is called “Everything is Theology.”  Everything speaks about God, about humanity, about life, and about the world.  All we need to do is listen.

This blog is me listening,then telling you what I heard, then telling you to go and listen (or not listen, depending on the book).  There’s billions and billions of voices out there, speaking, crying, yelling, and groaning in billions of media formats to get your attention, to tell you something, and I am working to find what I think are the best voices out there.

Who am I?  Just another white male amateur theologian who likes books and beer (apparently there’s a lot of us).  Either way, listen in, talk with me, and let’s discover God and humanity together.



2 thoughts on “About This Blog

  1. Please allow me to make one comment and one small correction concerning your artcle on the Orthodox Church. The undivided Church of the Roman Empire had always claimed Jesus Christ
    as it’s founder. In 1054 both the eastern and western churches of that former Empire, although now divided, continued this claim. The Orthodox faithful receive the Holy Mysteries of Christ’s holy Body and Blood by means of a spoon and not a fork.

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