The 2014 Reading List

2014-01-06 09.54.55

On the Kindle

I’m going to tackle this a little differently than I did last year.  Couple guidelines:

  1. No deadlines (save for Speakeasy books and library books).  Seriously, it’s my blog.  Who cares? None of this “52 Books in a Year” crap.
  2. In fact, the list is entirely malleable.  If I want to say, “Screw Jared Diamond!  I’m going to buy Merchants of Culture and have at that!” I can do that!  However…
  3. Start a book? FINISH IT.* I’ve been working out a one-chapter-a-day goal with the books I’m juggling right now, and that’s been keeping me at a steady pace, which is good.  Even if a book is completely kicking my butt (like The Weakness of God did), I shall endure!
  4. Fiction books are not breaks from nonfiction books.  Somewhere last year, this idea entered my head, like I could just read a fiction book to “take a break” from reading theology or philosophy or history or whatever.  DO NOT DISRESPECT THE FICTION.
  5. Have fun with it!  And how could I not?  Seriously, this is a nerdy undertaking right here, and I reserve the right to nerd out all over the internet, if you people are so kind as to make my humble little blog viral.

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